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    Advice on route alignment and cost optimization

    We offer FREE consultations on route planning, choosing the most suitable method of dispatch and customs clearance of the goods. We also estimate for you the optimal rates based on the possible transportation options.

    Under the agreement, SinMar will act as your agent at each of the logistics stages:

    • Organizing the dispatch, loading and delivery of cargo,
    • Monitoring and control of project implementation,
    • Operational interaction with transport partner companies and customs representatives,
    • Preparing all necessary documentation.

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    Consolidated routing of container shipments

    We offer consolidation of your cargo for both short and long distance shipments. For example, goods traveling in the same direction to the East of the country, through consolidation will follow a single route to a certain point where most of the cargo will be unloaded. Then the subsequent sending of the remaining goods will take place. This consolidation speeds up the transportation process for all route customers in comparison with shipping each of the transport unit separately. Now you can accurately predict the transit time of delivery. Collectively, profitable, reliable!

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    Door-to-Door delivery

    Our complete door-to-door service is a centralized process for managing the complete door-to-door transport chain. From preparation for loading to the further dispatch and unloading in the warehouse of the recipient, we take full responsibility for the safe delivery of your cargo, its proper documentation and insurance during transportation. Our goal is to exclude any possibility of downtime and delays. Physical assistance of your cargo is carried out by our dedicated agents. We continually keep you updated about any status changes so that you can take action where necessary. You only need to order the service and we will make the door-to-door import or export delivery hassle-free for you.

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    Accelerated railway delivery of container cargo

    This delivery is similar to the consolidated route service but alters in the way that all carried goods are sent to a single destination. Your advantages from transporting goods with the accelerated container train:

    • Reduced trip and transit time due to a clearly planned train schedule;
    • Rhythmicity of shipments and a clear date forecast of the delivery to the final consignee,
    • Reduced transportation costs, including the cost of protection. The tariff for the delivery of one container as part of an accelerated train is significantly lower compared to a “single” shipment along the same route.

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    ``Drop-trailer`` service

    With ongoing and regular loading in the consignor’s warehouse, we recommend using our “drop-trailer” technology. It streamlines the process by using swing trailers for loading into the transport unit. Unlike conventional technologies, when each order requires one tractor and one trailer. This technology allows the use of less tractors to “close” the same volume of orders. In the same amount of time required for loading one container according to the standard procedure, the drop-trailer manages not only to load a container and deliver it to the rail station but bring an empty one back. As a result, a higher return on investment, possibility to save on the vehicle’s maintenance and reduced tariffs for the client. All done quickly and at no extra cost!

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    Terminal processing

    The company “SinMar” carries out terminal processing at the station “Sbornaya-Ugolnaya” of the Moscow railway’s Tula branch in Novomoskovsk. At the terminal we offer our customers and operators of rolling stock the following range of services: loading and unloading operations different types of large-capacity containers (CPC), including tank containers and flexi-tank containers. When loading and unloading cargo, we use the “reachstacker” loader that has a 42 tons carrying capacity. Thus, there is no dependency on the availability of the lifting technology at the station. We carry out loading and unloading of containers both from and to railway platforms and road vehicles. After arrival, our experts conduct an inspection of each container which allows us to eliminate any defects if spotted. Additionally, at our terminal you will be able to carry out cargo storage, maintain the necessary temperature regime, as well as clean and repair transport units and tank containers. We offer our clients a full range of services in accordance with the JSC «Russian Railways» requirements for locating and securing cargo. The daily container and the temperature regime status updates will ensure optimal conditions of your cargo, develop an effective shipment plan and, as a result, reduce storage costs.

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    Heated cargo (providing thermal conditions)

    If your cargo requires certain thermal conditions, we can offer the service of heating the cargo in a tank-container. A special automated system measures in real time the temperature of the tank-container contents. From the moment we take responsibility for your goods till their unloading in the consignee warehouse, we will monitor the set temperature mode.

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    Customs clearance

    SinMar provides services for the full customs clearance of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation and the customs passage in other countries. Customs inspection takes place in ports, auto- and excise posts of cargo arrival. In this process, we act as your authorized representative, providing turn-key solutions and tailor-made project services. We will assist you with the completion of the customs declaration and registration of all necessary documents. We will also register for you the consignee company at the customs authorities, select the right HS code, and help with all the other aspects of customs clearance.

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    The insurance service can be of two types – cargo insurance and liability insurance of the carrier. Under the first scheme the client provides full information about the cargo, its cost and packaging. All these data, including information about the route of transportation, are transferred to the selected insurance company for processing the policy. After conducting the analysis of your project needs and estimating the most suitable insurance plan, we choose the best-fit insurance company-partner that fully meets the requirements of your project. Insurance costs in the option 1 are covered by the customer directly. In the second option, the carrier (LLC “SinMar”) insures its liability for a certain amount of money and for a certain period of time. Carrier’s liability insurance does not depend on routes or cargo type. This type of insurance is a preferred choice by cargo owners. It is requested more often than the first one as the customer does not incur additional costs for the cargo insurance.

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