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    SinMar is one of the leading operators in the freight-forwarding service market. Among the main competitive advantages of our company are understanding of the local market, know-how and innovative technologies, an extensive network of partners around the world and a personal approach to each client. The most important component of our success is the safe delivery of your cargo within the timeframes specified by you and at fixed costs.

    SinMar offers advanced technologies for loading and transporting various types of freight by rail:

    Standard / general cargo
    Standard / general cargo are delivered in covered wagons and universal containers. Delivery can be carried out in the “door to door" format. When shipping goods on pallets, we offer containers of increased capacity. An example of this type of cargo would be mobile equipment, packaged goods, metal products, etc.
    Dangerous goods
    Dangerous goods can be transported in any of the rolling stock types, in compliance with local regulations and both industry and UN standards. Dangerous goods include bulk or liquid cargo, which poses danger to human health and the environment - explosive, flammable liquids and gases, radioactive substances, corrosive compounds, poisonous and toxic chemical elements.
    Inert and liquid cargo
    Inert and liquid cargo shipping is handled in containers, such as liner bags, flexitanks, and others. Liquid cargo is transported in tanks, tank-containers or flexi-tanks. For transportation of bulk cargo, special bunker wagons are used - hoppers. Inert / Bulk: rubble, granite, sand, grain, fertilizer, cement, and other materials. The conditions of transportation are determined by the sanitary norms and the type of goods - non-hazardous or dangerous.
    Oversized and heavy cargo
    Oversized and heavy cargo is delivered on universal platforms, conveyors, in covered freight wagons and half wagons. These carry industrial equipment, road construction equipment, large-format glass, rolled steel, cars, trucks, and other units that exceed the norms of federal and international transportation regulations in terms of weight and size. We have in-house our own engineering technologists who will develop for you all the necessary drawings and designs. This distinctive advantage simplifies the project implementation after submitting an order to only three stages: developing the drawings, signing them off, and executing the project.


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    Would you prefer shipping your cargo in Russia or abroad within the specified timeframe and without risk? Our team will make a favorable proposal for you. We will instruct you on all the specific features of the selected rolling stock, such as the wagon or container, and how to obtain an optimal load together with a safe delivery.

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    We offer wagon and container types of transportation by rail.


    Freight forwarding is a type of railway consignment in which a universal or specialized rolling stock is used. Rail freight is an optimal way of transporting bulk and high-volume cargo, such as inert (crushed stone, sand, cement), oversized (transformers, reactors), and other types.

    Type of rolling stock for various container loading:

    Wagon type Max load (tonn) Volume (m3)
    Covered Wagon
    Or Railway Goods Wagons are fully enclosed by sides and have a fixed roof
    68 122,138,158
    Covered All Metal Wagon
    Designed for transporting unitized, bulky and lightweight cargo
    50 50
    Open Top Wagon
    These wagons are known for its high loading capacity, light tare weight, long lifetime and reliability.
    71 88
    Isothermal Wagon
    Specialized covered wagons with ability to maintain the cargo area of optimum temperature and humidity, regardless of external condition. They are equipped with thermal insulation systems and safety valves to prevent combustion during transportation.
    60 122
    Refrigerated Van
    A covered railway goods wagon with cooling equipment for transporting temperature sensitive items, such as meat, dairy, flowers, and medicines.
    50 136
    Autorack / Auto Carrier
    A multi-level flat for carrying vehicles.
    A car with open or closed top, enclosed sides and with bottom dump doors for easy unloading of coal, ore, grain, cement, ballast and the like. Covered hoppers are used for weather sensitive loads, such as grain.
    70 81
    Universal Flat Wagons
    Open wagons with no sides. They can carry different types of containers in several configurations.
    Transporter Wagon
    A car designed to carry unusually large and heavy industrial equipment.
    Tank Wagon
    Type of rolling stock used for a wide variety of fluids and gases.
    66 73

    We will be glad to offer you an optimal and well-structured transportation plan.

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    Container transportation allows to deliver goods from the consignor to the consignee with no interruptions. Thereby significantly reducing the volume of intermediate cargo handling.


    For the transportation of your freight we provide containers in the following sizes:

    Metrics* 20
    ft. container
    (24 tonn)
    ft. container
    (30 tonn)
    ft. container
    (30 tonn)
    ft. container
    (30 tonn) High Cube
    Length (м) 5,87 5,87 11,99 11,99 6,06
    Width (м) 2,33 2,33 2,33 2,33 2,44
    Height (м) 2,35 2,35 2,35 2,7 2,59
    Volume (м3) 32,14 32,14 65,65 75,43
    Max load (kg) 21800 27530 26400 25600 17500-35000 liters

    *Internal dimensions

    Tell us the type of cargo and its weight, and we will prepare an offer that will allow you to capitalize on convenient shipping options and competitive rates.

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